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Power Cords

Power cords for different regions

moxa-power-cords-image-(1).jpg | Moxa
moxa-power-cords-image-1-(1).jpg | Moxa

Features and Benefits

  • Provides different plug types for desktop type power adapters
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The power cords described in this datasheet provide the different plug types used in different regions or countries for desktop type power adapters or Moxa products with AC power inputs.




  • Input Plug Type

    PWC-AU Series: Australia plug type
    PWC-CN Series: China plug type
    PWC-EU Series: Europe plug type
    PWC-JP Series: Japan plug type
    PWC-UK Series: United Kingdom plug type
    PWC-US Series: United States plug type

  • Input Voltage

    JP/US models: 125 VAC
    AU/CN/EU/UK models: 250 VAC

  • Max. Current

    PWC-C13AU-3B-183: 10A
    PWC-C13CN-3B-183: 10A
    PWC-C13EU-3B-183: 10A
    PWC-C13JP-3B-183: 7A
    PWC-C13UK-3B-183: 10A
    PWC-C13US-3B-183: 10A
    PWC-C7AU-2B-183: 2.5A
    PWC-C7CN-2B-183: 2.5A
    PWC-C7EU-2B-183: 2.5A
    PWC-C7JP-2B-183: 7A
    PWC-C7UK-2B-183: 2.5A
    PWC-C7US-2B-183: 10A

  • Thickness

    PWC-C13AU-3B-183: 6.3±0.2 mm (0.25±0.01 in)
    PWC-C13CN-3B-183: 6.3±0.2 mm (0.25±0.01 in)
    PWC-C13EU-3B-183: 6.7±0.2 mm (0.25±0.01 in)
    PWC-C13JP-3B-183: 7.0±0.2 mm (0.28±0.01 in)
    PWC-C13UK-3B-183: 6.7±0.2 mm (0.25±0.01 in)
    PWC-C13US-3B-183: 6.7±0.2 mm (0.25±0.01 in)

  • Length

    PWC-C13 series: 1830±30 mm (72.05±1.18 in)
    PWC-C7 series: 1830±200 mm (72.05±7.87 in)

  • Cable Length

    CBL-PJ21NOPEN-BK-30: 300 ± 20 mm (11.81 ± 0.79 in)
    CBL-PJTB-10: 100 ± 20 mm (3.94 ± 0.79 in)

Support Documents

Name Type Version Release Date
Datasheet for Power Cords
1.0 MB
Datasheet v1.2 Oct 28, 2021 Oct 28, 2021

Available Models (13)

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moxa-cbl-pjtb-10-image.jpg | MoxaCBL-PJTB-10moxa-pwc-c7cn-2b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C7CN-2B-183moxa-pwc-c13au-3b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C13AU-3B-183moxa-pwc-c13cn-3b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C13CN-3B-183
Barrel-plug TypeNon-locking
Input-plug TypeCNAUCN
Input Voltage250 VAC250 VAC250 VAC
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moxa-pwc-c13eu-3b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C13EU-3B-183moxa-pwc-c13jp-3b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C13JP-3B-183moxa-pwc-c13uk-3b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C13UK-3B-183moxa-pwc-c13us-3b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C13US-3B-183
Barrel-plug Type
Input-plug TypeEUJPUKUS
Input Voltage250 VAC125 VAC250 VAC125 VAC
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moxa-pwc-c7au-2b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C7AU-2B-183moxa-pwc-c7eu-2b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C7EU-2B-183moxa-pwc-c7jp-2b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C7JP-2B-183moxa-pwc-c7uk-2b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C7UK-2B-183
Barrel-plug Type
Input-plug TypeAUEUJPUK
Input Voltage250 VAC250 VAC125 VAC250 VAC
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moxa-pwc-c7us-2b-183-image.jpg | MoxaPWC-C7US-2B-183
Barrel-plug Type
Input-plug TypeUS
Input Voltage125 VAC
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