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MXview One Central Manager Series

Centralized platform for managing and monitoring local MXview One sites

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moxa-mxview-one-central-manager-series-image-1-(1).jpg | Moxa

Features and Benefits

  • Centralized management of local sites, groups, accounts, and licenses
  • Site registration mechanism for improved security
  • Intuitive dashboard to easily monitor the status of sites
  • Remote access to MXview One local sites for troubleshooting
  • Customizable event severity and notifications
  • User-defined schedules to automatically generate reports
  • Flexible license management to allocate node, site, and add-on licenses
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MXview One Central Manager is a centralized platform designed for managing and monitoring MXview One local sites. MXview One Central Manager works in tandem with MXview One, allowing you to centrally manage all your sites and their licenses through MXview One Central Manager, or choose to manage MXview One sites locally at any time. When registered with Central Manager, you can easily monitor the real-time status of your sites from the intuitive dashboard. When critical or warning events occur at any local site, instant notifications keep you on top of any issues and help you minimize downtime.

With MXview One Central Manager, you can more efficiently manage multiple sites as groups, each with its own customized configuration, user accounts, and access privileges. When the scale of your MXview One site network grows, you can easily expand the management scope of MXview One Central Manager by adding additional sites and nodes on demand, depending on your needs. Furthermore, the flexible license management lets you efficiently allocate and manage the licenses of all registered MXview One sites.


  • Intuitive dashboard showing the live status of each site and events

  • Interactive map to quickly identify the physical location of sites

Site Monitoring and Event Notifications

  • Monitor multiple MXview One sites at a glance in real time

  • Remotely access MXview One local sites at any time for direct management and troubleshooting

  • Customizable event severity and notifications for network and system events

  • Configurable event alarm notifications by email

Group Management

  • Easily manage large numbers of sites in groups depending on the scale and structure of your network

  • User-configured accounts with specific privileges to manage or monitor groups

Comprehensive Reports

  • Compile comprehensive site- and group-level reports for review and troubleshooting

  • Automatically generated periodical reports based on user-defined schedules

Flexible Licenses

  • Increase the node and site count of MXview One Central Manager on demand to meet growing network requirements

  • Allocate licenses to root groups and sites for more efficient license management

  • Easily keep track of used and available licenses

  • vCore


  • CPU

    Quad-core CPU

  • RAM

    8 GB or higher

  • Hardware Disk Space

    1 TB SSD or higher

  • Supported Hypervisors

    VM Workstation 14 or above

  • Browser

    Chrome: Version 76 or above
    Firefox: Version 69 or above
    Microsoft Edge: Version 79 or above

Software, Firmware, and Drivers


Name Type Checksum Version Operating System Release Date
Software Package for MXview One Central Manager Series
1.3 GB
Software Package
Jul 31, 2023 Jul 31, 2023 Release notes

Support Documents

Name Type Version Release Date
Datasheet for MXview One Central Manager Series
3.0 MB
Datasheet v1.0 Jul 31, 2023 Jul 31, 2023
Manual for MXview One Central Manager Series
18.0 MB
Manual v1.0 Jul 31, 2023 Jul 31, 2023

Available Models (3)

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Add-on ServiceMXview PowerMXview Wireless
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Simplify Multi-site Management for Maximum Uptime and Efficiency

Centrally manage multiple MXview One network sites with MXview One Central Manager, consolidating site status and event data onto a single platform to provide holistic visibility of your distributed networks.


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