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What are the TX power, RX sensitivity, and optical power budget specifications for serial-to-fiber products, and what do they indicate?


When designing an optical link, one of the factors to consider is the optical power budget. The power budget indicates the amount of light available to make a fiber optic connection, and it is the difference between the optical transmitter output power ( TX power ) and the receiver sensitivity ( Rx sensitivity ). A simple calculation is used to determine how much optical power, measured in dBm, is available.

Power Budget (dBm) = TX Power - RX Sensitivity

Tx power indicates the device's worst-case transmit power - the device is guaranteed to provide at least that much power. Rx sensitivity indicates the minimum amount of light required by the receiver to operate correctly.

Modules Name TX Power RX Sensitivity Power Budget
TCF-142-S v2.3 -15 dBm -34 dBm 19 dBm
TCF-142-S v3.1 -5 dBm -25 dBm 20 dBm
TCF-142-M v2.1 -10 dBm -25 dBm 15 dBm
TCF-142-M v3.1 -5 dBm -20 dBm 15 dBm
TCF-90-S  -5 dBm -24 dBm 19 dBm
TCF-90-M -5 dBm -20 dBm 15 dBm


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