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Moxa’s latest marine industry white paper, ECDIS Hardware and the Integrated Bridge, is ready for download.

Download Free ECIDS  WhitepaperTaipei, Taiwan, January 21, 2013 - As 2012 ends, the maritime industry’s transition to electronic-chart-based navigation systems is shifting its focus from fresh installations on new ships to retrofitting existing fleets with ECDIS stations. By 2018, every ocean-going ship in the world will be required to have redundant ECDIS stations already installed, or face steep international penalties.

For most older vessels, the transition to ECDIS will not be a simple case of purchasing some hardware and installing it on the bridge. ECDIS integrates many currently separate systems into a strictly defined display and control system, and combining these various systems into a single human-machine interface will necessitate careful integration and meticulous planning.

For this reason, modularized ECDIS components are a valuable alternative both for vessel owners and systems integrators alike. Yet some aspects of the ECDIS standards present a large obstacle to component modularization. Color calibration in ECDIS displays is particularly troublesome, in this regard. The finely tuned colors required to achieve ECDIS type-approval currently require a case-by-case calibration of each display to whatever device it is matched with. The process takes only about half an hour, but requires specialized equipment operated by trained engineers within strictly controlled lighting conditions. The costs in both time and money are significant.

However, with thoughtful engineering this calibration process can be largely automated, so that monitors purchased for use as ECDIS displays come ready-to-run, without any need for calling in special personnel or arranging for time-consuming manufacturer services. This effectively modularizes ECDIS displays, allowing integrators and end-users to pair them with whatever hardware is available or preferred. This speeds up time-to-market by simplifying design and deployment, and the benefits scale upwards in proportion to the size of the project: the more displays required, the greater the savings. Finally, in addition to these already considerable advantages, these technological innovations further allow manufacturers to calibrate ECDIS displays to a much finer accuracy than is required, increasing their effective lifespan and decreasing lifetime

Learn more about Moxa's breakthrough ECDIS modularization and color calibration technology by downloading ECDIS Hardware and the Integrated Bridge white paper

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