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Beyond 10GbE Industrial Ethernet Performance

Taipei, Taiwan, May 3, 2012 — Moxa has introduced new 10GbE/GbE rackmount switches with industrial-grade qualities that clearly set them apart from comparable commercial solutions. Thanks to the hardened reliability of Moxa’s industrial rackmount switches, network operators can enjoy 10GbE/GbE performance with industrial-grade reliability in the harshest of environments, and dramatically reduce the downtime caused by EMI disturbances, electrical noise and surges, device fan failure, or device overheating. Moxa’s industrial-grade solutions overcome the obstacles faced by traditional rackmount switches, which can provide high-speed bandwidth but cannot guarantee consistent operations when confronted with environmental challenges.

See the table below for a detailed comparison between coomercial-grade rackmount switches and Moxa's industrial rackmount switches.


 Proven Reliability
To maintain complete reliability in any circumstances, Moxa’s industrial rackmount switches provide layer 3 and layer 2 10GbE/GbE backbone capabilities with built-in ruggedization that delivers superior EMI shielding and extreme temperature resilience without relying on a fan or heater. These switches deliver highly reliable operations, whether the networking infrastructure is located in a poorly-ventilated stairwell of a modern shopping mall, a chamber with high electrical noise near heavy-duty factory machinery, an inconsistently-cooled server room in a power-hungry region, or in an unmanned location. Moxa's 10GbE/GbE industrial rackmount switches excel in critical industrial applications such as railway, intelligent transportation systems, mining, and automation with complete compliance with the industrial standards listed in the table above.


Always-on Connectivity
Millisecond-fast resilience is another feature of Moxa's rackmount switches, which enables uninterrupted network connectivity and cost-efficient expansion. Both of Moxa's redundancy technologies, Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain, enable fast backup path restoration in less than 20ms. The network never experiences any interruption as the network connection is restored almost instantaneously. With Turbo Chain technology, additional subnets can be created out of Moxa’s rackmount switches without any complicated ring coupling connections, which saves cabling costs significantly by eliminating unnecessary Ethernet ports and extra cabling devoted to a ring coupling link.


Convergence from field to central sites on one network
Moxa’s 10GbE/GbE rackmount switches include high-density fixed and modular models with highly flexible copper, fiber or SFP/SFP+ interfaces to support converged data, voice and video transmission over a single network. Combined with Moxa's comprehensive portfolio of versatile field bus gateways, device servers, and media converters, Moxa's rackmount switches can easily consolidate all types of field data on the Ethernet backbone and implement single-network convergence from the field site to control rooms with low complexity, high interoperability, and exceptional efficiency


Quick guide
Moxa's industrial rackmount switches are mainly found in the ICS 48G/24G IKS product groups.

  • The ICS 48G series provides up to 4 10GbE ports and 48 Gigabit ports of fiber optic connections in 4U slot type rackmount case for L3/L2 industrial network applications. 
  • The ICS 24G series supports up to 4 10GbE ports and 24 Gigabit ports of fiber optic connections in 1U fixed type rackmount design for L3/L2 industrial network deployment.
  • The IKS series provides 24 ports with L3/L2 management with full-gigabit, as well as highly cost efficient modular rackmount solutions.
  • Using modular 10GbE/GbE Ethernet SFP transceivers, the modular ICS and IKS series rackmount switches allow a long haul distance of up to 120km using single mode fiber.  

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