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Moxa Debuts EN 50155 NAT Router for Rolling Stock Backbone Networks

Brea, California, Dec 10, 2015—Moxa’s newly launched ToughNet TN-5916 series is a welcome addition to its family of EN 50155-compliant Ethernet train backbone solutions. The railway industry, specifically, will be pleased to note that the TN-5916 series supports NAT and routing functionality to facilitate the deployment of applications across networks for multiple consist network interconnections. The TN-5916 series features four bypass relay backbone ports and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), for router backbone redundancy to ensure high levels of fault tolerance. In addition, the TN-5916 router provides a wide power input range of 24/48, 72/96/110 VDC and is compliant with EN 50155/50121-4 requirements, making the router suitable for a variety of railway rolling stock applications around the world.

Train-Wide Service across Different Rolling Stock Manufacturers
The Moxa TN-5916 series has been specially designed to meet the requirements specified by IEC standards for Ethernet Train Backbone Nodes (ETBN). Rolling stock backbone communication is needed when a train requires an onboard network that spans across multiple consists, possibly involving carriages from different manufacturers. To accomplish this requirement, Moxa’s TN-5916 series of Ethernet routers is a platform for IEC 61375-2-5 and IEC 61375-2-3 protocols that handle the train inauguration as carriages are coupled or decoupled. ETBN ensures communication by Train Topology Discovery Protocol (TTDP) to auto-assign IP addresses with a subnet mask. It enhances the interoperability of different rolling stock equipment from different manufacturers. In addition, it transforms Wire Train Bus (WTB) to Ethernet bandwidth—Ethernet bandwidth can handle more applications than WTB. Collecting information and communicating with the devices by TRDP makes the train’s operation smarter, more efficient, and more flexible.

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About Moxa Smart Rail Solutions
Moxa is the world’s only IRIS-certified manufacturer of a wide range of IP-based, railway-rugged communications solutions, including wired and wireless networking, computing, automation, and IP CCTV. Now, Moxa is contributing its networking expertise and innovative technology to the railway industry through new market-specific solutions and membership in IEC railway committees. Railway operators worldwide have discovered new operational efficiencies by deploying Moxa’s unique time- and cost-saving railway technologies, such as intelligent wireless inter-carriage connections, flexible and location-based auto device configuration, millisecond-speed Ethernet redundancy, and millisecond-speed WLAN roaming solutions. With over 25 years of experience in industrial networking, Moxa has a time-tested record of developing products with longevity. By designing for long MTBF, owning all the core component IPs, and building long-term partnerships, Moxa helps railway integrators create sustainable solutions with low life-cycle costs. Moxa’s broad portfolio solutions have been deployed all over the world in major POS (Passenger-Oriented Service), passenger WiFi, CCTV, CBTC (Communication-based Train Control), ATO (Automatic Train Operation), wayside DCS, and other railway systems.

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Moxa is a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions for enabling connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things. With over 30 years of industry experience, Moxa has connected more than 50 million devices worldwide and has a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Moxa delivers lasting business value by empowering industry with reliable networks and sincere service for industrial communications infrastructures. Information about Moxa’s solutions is available at www.moxa.com.