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Moxa Facilitates IIoT Big Data for Semiconductor Industries

Moxa_IIoT_semiconductorBrea, California, April 21, 2016—With the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) trend, semiconductor manufacturers have started adding big data acquisition and analysis into their centralized automation management systems in order to improve production efficiency. Moxa’s reliable networking infrastructure has enabled one system integrator, ArchCyber Technology, to build a real-time dry pump monitoring system that optimizes efficiency and reduces total production costs by at least US$30 million per year.

ArchCyber has partnered with Moxa in providing customized software for industrial automation systems, particularly factory automation. The company has built real-time dry pump monitoring systems with customized functions for leading semiconductor manufacturers for many years. Ray Huang, General Manager of ArchCyber explained, “Dry pump systems, although not the main production devices, play an important role in the yield rate and production cost of semiconductor manufacturing. Before the dry pump monitoring system was installed, the customer was unable to predict the device status and could only perform regular maintenance to avoid unexpected abnormality. Now, the manufacturer can analyze the health of the dry pumps, and predict when to replace the device, not only reducing maintenance efforts, but also saving product costs.”

Typically, there are about two thousand dry pump units in a 12-inch Wafer Fab. When monitoring and analyzing such a huge amount of data, it is essential to ensure a high-performance network for data communications. The first step is to convert the various proprietary protocols of the different dry pump systems. After protocol conversion, engineers need to make sure the network supports high bandwidth, fast recovery times, as well as being capable of withstanding electronic interferences and environmental dust.

In this project, Moxa’s EDS-510E Gigabit managed switches are deployed to form a fiber ring topology, and Moxa’s DA-662A embedded computers are used to perform the protocol conversion. Huang noted that ArchCyber is able to deploy a reliable system, due to three of Moxa’s particularly strong features: the industrial-grade ruggedness that can endure electronic disturbances coupled with the fanless design to withstand environmental dust, Moxa’s Turbo Ring redundancy technology that supports millisecond recovery, and the embedded computer that supports ample and diversified interfaces for data acquisition and protocol conversion.

ArchCyber is continuously investing in other industries that require big data management, such as intelligent textile, and is excited about the potential Moxa’s products have. Huang concluded: “As the trend of Industrial IoT continues to become increasingly important, more devices will be converged on one network, and the network will demand a centralized management system to acquire, store, and analyze the big data, in order for organizations to receive accurate information and make decisions. We rely heavily on Moxa’s network infrastructure to realize the IIoT applications.”

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