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Moxa Intelligent Routing Framework for Seamless Wireless Communication

Taipei, Taiwan, September 5, 2011—Moxa Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF) provides multiple WAN management tools and enables seamless wireless service for passengers as trains travel through different regions. The open and customizable AP reduces development time and enables a faster time-to-market.

System integrators use software AP development to provide advertising and multimedia service for wireless train communication applications. However, they can run into problems since many systems are not open source or customizable.
Moxa Intelligent Routing Framework (MIRF) is an innovative technology that provides good flexibility for AP utility configuration and customization. Based on the MCV structure, MIRF allows users to configure their interfaces the way they want. MIRF is an open platform and provides multiple WAN management tools that allow passengers to use WIFI service in trains that pass through many different geographical regions. In addition, the intelligent policy settings enable auto-selecting the largest bandwidth, which allows you to use the best signal and avoid paying unnecessary WAN costs. IP bonding technology optimizes traffic bandwidth by distributing traffic across different WANs.


• Open and customizable AP
• Allows passengers to use WIFI service across different geographical regions
• Open platform with multiple WAN management tools
• IP bonding optimizes traffic bandwidth
• Predefined policy for WAN changes and best WAN selection


Moxa products that currently support MIRF are listed below:
• V2426: x86-based wireless mobility computer
• EPM-3337 module: HSDPA, GPS, WLAN (11a/b/g/n)
• EPM-DK02 module: 2-slot mini PCIe expansion module

To learn more about the MIRF technology, visit:

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