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Experience MXstudio Network Management Suite with Virtual Demo Tool for Quick Evaluation

Brea, California, Jan 28, 2015—Moxa has released MXstudio 2.1, the latest version of its integrated industrial network management suite. The new functions include network traffic load visualization, simultaneous export/import of multiple configuration files, and virtual demo, which allows you to experience the software without connecting to any network devices. With these enhancements, MXstudio can further ensure high network availability and high productivity. Download the software now or learn more about MXstudio.

MXstudio 2.1 suite includes MXconfig industrial network configuration tool v2.1, MXview industrial network management v2.5, and N-Snap industrial network snapshot tool v1.2. This integrated suite allows you to handle almost every task at each stage of the network management life cycle, including installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics.

For MXview 2.5, we introduced traffic load visualization mode, which displays different traffic loading statuses in color-coded links, allowing you to easily monitor the network traffic status. Once any abnormal traffic surge occurs, engineers can quickly identify the error cause, and  and even track down problematic PLCs or other end devices. You can also set up event notification to receive an SMS or email whenever network traffic exceeds the safe threshold. 

Moreover, for engineers who would like to experience and evaluate MXview, we now provide a virtual demonstration tool that lets you experience the software without connecting any devices. With the new tool, you can set up link down/up, power down/up to the network, or adjust the traffic on the virtual network. The errors you create on the virtual demo network will show up on MXview, allowing you to see topology changes and cope with the issues accordingly. Download MXstudio now to try these powerful new features.  


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