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MXview 2.2 Adds PoE Visualization and Third-Party Device Management

Learn more about MXviewTaipei, Taiwan, August 13, 2012—Moxa has released MXview 2.2, the latest version of its industrial network management software. This major update adds PoE device visualization, third-party device management, and device availability and inventory reports, making MXview an even more powerful monitoring, diagnostics and management platform for converged automation networks. Download the fully-functional trial version now!



"The ultimate goal of industrial network management is to maintain a consistent flow of data through the network and generate productivity improvements. To achieve this goal, network administrators need easy-to-use yet highly accurate network management software that helps them maintain network health. That’s why Moxa continues to devote R&D to enhancing MXview’s smart visualization functions. We want to give users a hassle-free graphical troubleshooting tool,” said Ray Hsu, Product Manager at Moxa.


In addition to visualization enhancement, in MXview 2.2, third-party devices can now display more information about themselves. The embedded MIB browser and MIB compiler allow users to extract and read any MIB parameter from third-party devices, granting more comprehensive control over industrial networks composed of both Moxa and third-party network devices.


Moreover, to help network operators better manage their assets and achieve high overall equipment effectiveness, MXview 2.2 also supports inventory and device availability reports that can be exported as Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV or PDF files.Download MXview trial version


A Quick Glance At MXview’s Key Features

(* Features new to MXview 2.2 in blue)


Smart Visualization
  • Virtual device panel
  • VLAN/IGMP visualization
  • Displays PoE power consumption
Quick Diagnostics
  • Event Playback
  • Event detection and notification
  • Highly precise packet and trend tracking (up to 4 decimal points)
  • Device-level network availability monitoring
  • MIB Browser/MIB Compiler
Configuration/Firmware Management
  • Centralized configuration
  • Firmware operations
Comprehensive Reports
  • Event log history
  • Inventory/availability reports
  • Device properties reports


More details on MXview industrial network management software are available at https://www.moxa.com/product/MXview.htm


About Moxa: Your Trusted Partner in Automation

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