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Moxa launches 19-slot chassis-type media converters

Taipei, Taiwan, Jan. 20, 2009 — Moxa is pleased to

announce the launch of its new NRack System™. Designed for high density serial-to-fiber application, Moxa's NRack System™ consists of 3 major components: a 19-slot rackmount chassis, slide-in modules, and power supply modules. The NRack System™ accommodates up to 19 slide-in converters within its rack mountable chassis that can connect to an optional redundant power supply. Moxa's NRack System™ not only simplifies network architecture by reducing the number of required connections, but also provides easier management and maintenance.

TRC-190 series rackmount chassis

The TRC-190 is a 19-slot 2U chassis-type media converter for high density applications. It also supports hot-swap and dual power inputs for redundancy.

TCF-142-RM series slide-in modules

The TCF-142-RM series are the slide-in modules for the NRack System™. The modules convert RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 signals for fiber optic transmission up to 40 km. The TCF-142-RM series also offers adjustable 1K or 150K ohm pull high/low resistor settings, and supports "Ring" ?and "Point-to-Point" ?transmission.

Power supply modules

The NRack System™ comes with an AC/DC power input and optional redundant power expansion module for greater reliability. One is designated for data transmission, whereas the other one manages the entire chassis system. Meanwhile, installing the power supply module in the chassis can save additional space since you do not need to deal with multiple power adaptors for the converters in the control center.

With a rack mountable design and simple wiring, Moxa's chassis-type NRack System™ media converters are a perfect choice for systems that require installing several converters in a confined space.

For more details about serial-to-fiber media converters, please contact your local sales representative or link to Moxa's website.

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