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Moxa Delivers SNMP-enabled Lighting Control over Satellite Link

The unique features of the Moxa ioLogik E2210 were indispensable in building an intelligent lighting control system along the boundaries of a large European solar farm. The system required remote control and monitoring services as well as schedule control functionality through a low-bandwidth satellite connection. The ioLogik E2210 ably fulfilled the system requirements with SNMP-trap capability and intelligent local control logic. 


A satellite-linked control system
A leading renewable energy system provider manages the solar farm over a satellite connection. The lighting system must also be controlled and monitored over this satellite connection, so the I/O devices must operate in a low-bandwidth network environment. Energy efficiency is also important, so the schedule control function has an essential role to play in automatically switching the many high-brightness LED lamps on and off.

Simple logic for professional local control
The ioLogik E2210 is a new type of active micro controller that supports Modbus/TCP, SNMP protocols and Moxa's Click&Go™ control logic. The system engineers simply configured the ioLogik E2210 using IF-THEN-ELSE logic to schedule lighting control for the LED lamps around the farm. Click&Go™ also handles different set points and trigger conditions. Once any event is triggered, the ioLogik E2210 will send out a defined SNMP trap to push the event notification to multiple host receivers. This report-by-exception approach allowed the ioLogik E2210 to consume far less bandwidth than traditional polling methoids and succeed in a satellite communications environment.


 ioLogik E2210 Features

  • Supports SNMP protocol for I/O control
    Schedule function with PC-free Click&Go™ logic
    SNMP trap for low bandwidth communications



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