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UC-7400-CE pushes the boundaries of Moxa Embedded Computers

Taipei, Taiwan, March 31, 2006-Moxa is happy to announce that the UC-7400 Series with Windows® CE 5.0 is ready to go and will be shipped starting April 10, 2006.


The UC-7400-CE series of ready-to-run embedded computers are network-centric, head-less computers that are designed to be programmed for communication applications. UC-7400-CE is built on the Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 operating system . The Windows programming environment makes these computers suitable for new system development and legacy system migration.


Windows® CE 5.0 is an open and scalable, 32-bit operating system that allows software developers to build a wide range of innovative, small footprint devices. The typical Windows CE-based device is designed for a specific use, and often runs disconnected form other computers, or as part of an army of distributed front-end computers that communicate with a centralized host. Examples include enterprise tools (industrial controllers, communications hubs, and point-of-sale terminals) and display devices (HMI, advertisement appliances, and interactive panels).


The features of MOXA Embedded Computers that run the Windows® CE 5.0 platform are:

  • Robust internal file system and expandable data storage
  • Easier application development with IDE tools
  • Supports services and daemons
  • Easy application coding and deployment
  • Web-based management system


Supporting Servers and Daemons:

  • Telnet Server-Allows remote administration through a standard Telnet client.
  • FTP Server-Used for transferring files to and from remote computer systems over a network using TCP/IP.
  • Web Server (httpd)-WinCE IIS offers ASP, ISAPI Secure Socket Layer support, SSL 2, SSL 3, Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL 3.1) public key-based protocols, and Web Administration ISAPI Extensions.
  • Dial-up Networking Service-Includes RAS client API and Point to Point Protocol (PPP). RAS and PPP support Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) and RAS scripting.


Application Development Environment:

  • Moxa WinCE 5.0 SDK
  • C Libraries and Run-times
  • Component Services (COM and DCOM)
  • Microsoft® Foundation Classes (MFC)
  • Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework
  • XML, including DOM, XQL, XPATH, XSLT, SAX2
  • SOAP Toolkit
  • Winsock 2.2

When customers purchase Moxa's UC-7400 with Windows?CE 5.0, they need not worry about licensing. Since each product has the WinCE license label on it, customers do not need to purchase WinCE licenses.
The models that can be ordered are UC-7420-CE , UC-7410-CE , and UC-7408-CE .

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