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DNV Certification Establishes the Suitability of Moxa Ethernet Switches and Media Converters for Offshore Applications

Moxa Networking has received Type Approval (TA) from certification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for the EDS-508, EDS-405, and EDS-308/305 series of Ethernet Switches, and IMC-101 series of Fiber Converters. The DNV Certificate is well known as a symbol of quality for safeguarding life, property, and the environment in offshore industrial applications.

DNV is one of the world's leading classification societies, which provides organized rules and verification for the classification of ships, high speed and light craft, and Det Norske Veritas' offshore standards. At the end of March, DNV issued the Type Approval (TA) that certifies Moxa EDS Series Ethernet switches and IMC series fiber converters as complying with Det Norske Veritas' Rules, which entails verification against a set of requirements during design, construction, and operation of ships and offshore units. The certification report also states that the EDS series devices cover a range of Industrial Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet Switches, some of which have redundancy built in to increase the reliability of the overall system.

The DNV Type Approval Certificate not only means that the certified equipment has passed stringent environmental and function tests, but also recognizes that the equipment is suitable for use in maritime, oil, and gas applications. For Moxa Networking, certification of its industrial Ethernet products by one of the world's leading classification societies is a demonstration of its commitment to customer service and quality products. To date, Moxa Networking has obtained several projects that require DNV certified Ethernet switches and fiber converters for marine, oil, and gas applications from the UK, China, and Scandinavia. DNV Certification for devices used as part of maritime applications is highly coveted, and Moxa has become one of the manufacturers who provide DNV certified managed and unmanaged Ethernet Switches and Fiber Converters.

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