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MOXA's PCI Express Serial Boards Receive 64-bit Windows WHQL Certification

Taipei, Taiwan, July 17, 2006?OXA's PCI Express serial boards received approval from Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Laboratories (WHQL) on July 14, 2006. This means that MOXA's PCI Express boards , which include CP-118EL , CP-168EL , and CP-104EL , will carry the "Designed for Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows 2003, Windows 2003 x64" logo. MOXA's serial boards are the word's first serial boards to receive certification for Windows 64-bit platform. MOXA devotes much effort to upgrading its PCI Express MSB product line to ensure that the MOXA serial boards can match the improved performance of PCs.

Microsoft established its "Designed for Microsoft Windows" logo to help its customers identify products that deliver a high-quality computing experience with the Microsoft Windows XP/2003 operating system. The "Designed for Microsoft Windows" logo on a product indicates that the product will be stable when running Windows XP/2003, the related software or driver components can be installed or removed easily, and the basic experience with the product and the operating system will be the same or better after upgrading to future versions of Windows.

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