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NPort 6000 supports Turbo Ring, for the fastest Ethernet redundancy available

Taipei, Taiwan, July 17, 2008—Moxa's NPort 6000 secure terminal servers are the first products of their type to support the Turbo Ring protocol for cascade topologies. With Turbo Ring, if any segment of the ring is disconnected, the network will recover in less than 100 milliseconds.

Moxa Turbo Ring is a self-healing Ethernet technology that helps end-users minimize downtime caused by network failures. A variety of topologies can be configured using Moxa Turbo Ring to reduce cabling and network planning costs.

The world's fastest fault recovery Ethernet protocols, Moxa's proprietary Turbo Ring and Turbo Ring 2 with a recovery time under 100 milliseconds, are now supported by the NPort 6000 series to ensure that your network connection runs non-stop.

Moxa developed the proprietary Turbo Ring protocol to optimize communication redundancy and achieve a faster recovery time on the network. The Turbo Ring and Turbo Ring V2 protocols identify one NPort 6000 as the master of the network, and then automatically block packets from traveling through any of the network's redundant loops.

In the event that one branch of the ring gets disconnected from the rest of the network, the protocol automatically readjusts the ring so that the part of the network that was disconnected can reestablish contact with the rest of the network.


Note that the Turbo Ring recover time is different for NPort 6000 products and Moxa's managed switches:
> NPort 6000: Recovery time < 100 ms
> Managed switches: Recovery time < 20 ms

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