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Introducing the Latest Serial Port Powered TCC-80I and TCF-90 Media Converters from MOXA

Taipei, Taiwan, August 23, 2006. The debut of MOXA's TCC-80 media converter earlier this year caused quite a stir, and now MOXA is set to wow the IA marketplace once again with two new entry-level media converters. The TCC-80I is the world's first serial port powered

RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter with optical isolation, and the TCF-90 is a serial port powered RS-232 to fiber converter .

The TCC-80I media converter transmits data at speeds up to 115.2 Kbps, and provides 2.5 KV of optical isolation. Both sides of the connection are isolated optically to provide perfect protection from lightning surges, accidental high voltage shorts, and ground loops. The built-in, wide-range optocouplers are tested to ensure that they can withstand more than 4 KV rms input to output for 1 minute. One of the most attractive features of the TCC-80I is that it can draw power from the attached RS-232 device. This makes the TCC-80I more versatile, since for many applications you will not need to use an external power supply to power the converter.

Along with the TCC-80I, MOXA is also introducing the TCF-90, a serial port powered RS-232 to fiber media converter (both single mode and multi mode versions are available). "The TCF-90 can be used to extend the RS-232 connection up to 40 kilometers with a single mode fiber interface, but without the need for an external power supply," explained Bee Lee, the head of MOXA's New Business product unit. "One of the biggest bonuses for end-users is that the TCF-90 will save them time and money."

The feature of the TCC-80I and TCF-90 that end-users will appreciate the most is that they are both equipped with an LED Port Power Indicator. "Traditional serial-powered media converters need multi-meters to measure whether the power supply is sufficient to operate the media converter," said Lee. "With the TCC-80I and TCF-90 you can throw your multi-meter away. The built-in LED indicator will show you straightaway whether or not your serial device is providing enough power, and if for some reason the power is not sufficient, you can use the optional power adapter to connect the converter to a standard power source."

The TCC-80I and TCF-90 are positioned as entry-level media converters. Both converters can be used for a variety of commercial applications, such as advanced parking lots, elevator ID systems, remote terminal control, lighting control, and PLC control. If you are interested in MOXA media converters, or you have any special requests, please visit our website at to read about these and other media converters offered by MOXA ( www.moxa.com/product/Serial_Media_Converters.html ).

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