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Moxa Provides Industrial Ethernet Switches for Shanghai World Expo Metro Line 7

Taipei, Taiwan, Aug. 27, 2010— Moxa’s EDS-828 and EDS-516A series industrial Ethernet switches have been selected for deployment in the Shanghai M7 Metro Line, one of the major transport links to the 2010 World Expo.

The entire M7 line uses an Ethernet-based signal control system that provides a centralized monitoring system for real-time, non-stop redundant operations and remote control services. “Metro stations are often kilometers apart, so long-haul transmission fiber Ethernet was the best way to offer instant connectivity. In addition, in order to communicate between the stations, the operator wanted Layer 3 Ethernet switches to easily segment the network, avoid the influence of broadcast storms between different metro subnets, and increase network efficiency,” explained Leo Tsao, senior director of Moxa Power and Transportation division.

Moxa’s EDS-828 Layer 3 Gigabit modular Ethernet switches were chosen for installation in the control system. With its optimized routing performance, the Moxa EDS-828 can easily bridge different metro station subnets. The two EDS-516A series Ethernet switches installed in each station are grouped with Ethernet switches from other stations to form a dual redundant ring topology that stretches across the entire metro line. The dual ring network architecture provides maximum redundancy with a fast recovery time of less than 20 ms.


Visit https://www.moxa.com/Zones/Industrial_Ethernet/ITS/ to learn more about Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches for intelligent transportation systems.

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