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New ICS 10GbE Core Switches Join Moxa’s Comprehensive Edge-to-core Switch Portfolio

New ICS 10GbE Core Switches Join Moxa’s Comprehensive Edge-to-core Switch Portfolio

Moxa’s wide portfolio of industrial Ethernet infrastructure solutions has become even more comprehensive with the addition of the new ICS industrial core switch family. The ICS series joins a suite of powerful edge-to-core switches and the MXview industrial network management software (iNMS) to create advanced industrial Ethernet platforms with excellent scalability, performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. Moxa’s industrial edge-to-core Ethernet switch solutions have both the high performance level needed for the core layer of the network infrastructure, and the flexible media selection and cost-effectiveness needed for the edge layer.

Moxa’s industrial edge-to-core Ethernet switch portfolio now includes over 500 models, including the ICS series 10GbE core switches, the IKS and EDS-700/800 series modular rackmount and DIN-Rail distribution switches, the EDS-600/500/400/300/200 series DIN-Rail edge switches, and the TN and PT series industry-specific Ethernet switches. All of these switches are built specifically to operate within the harsh environments and exacting requirements of mission-critical industrial applications, such as railway, ITS, smart grid, oil and gas, factory automation, and maritime applications. Moxa’s MXview iNMS enables total network management with simple, user-friendly browser UI that can track the network status of all Moxa managed Ethernet switches in real-time, quickly identify failure points, and reduce troubleshooting response time in complex and critical network operations.

Moxa’s new ICS series industrial core switch family enables customers to deploy a high-capacity converged automation network with extreme 10GbE performance, network resilience, and fanless durability. These core switches extend carrier-level availability throughout the entire industrial network to provide a stable multi-service backbone that can support a large amount of Ethernet-based services such as video, voice, command, and data transmissions.

Benefits of Moxa’s edge-to-core industrial Ethernet switch solutions:

  • Ultra-reliable fast network redundancy across three layers of an industrial network with Turbo Ring/Turbo Chain self-healing Ethernet technology
  • Faster communication speed and quicker network response with Gigabit performance
  • Complete solutions supporting more converged applications such as video surveillance
  • Industrial-grade reliability, completely fanless, and industrial certification and approvals

Product portfolio and key highlights:

  • Core layer: High bandwidth 10GbE industrial core switches
    - Full Gigabit L2/L3 networking capability
    - Up to 24 or 48 1GbE connections
    - Up to 4 10GbE ports
    - Fanless design
  • Distribution layer: Industrial modular rackmount and DIN-Rail switches
    - Flexible modular design
    - High port density
    - Ideal for control room and outdoor cabinet operations
  • Edge layer: Compact, standalone DIN-Rail switches
    - Wide selection: from 5 to 19 ports, FE to full GE, managed and unmanaged switches
    - Cost-effective solutions
    - Advanced L2 networking capability 

For more information on Moxa’s edge-to-core industrial switch solutions, please visit Moxa’s website at www.moxa.com or download the latest industrial Ethernet brochure at https://www.moxa.com/industrial_Ethernet_brochure.

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