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Moxa Releases NEMA-TS2 Certified Industrial IP Surveillance Solutions

Moxa Releases NEMA-TS2 Certified Industrial IP Surveillance Solutions

Moxa today announces that its VPort 461 and VPort 451 industrial video encoders have received the NEMA TS2 Section 2 certification, a standard that is required in intelligent transportation systems to ensure safe and reliable operation. More NEMA-certified IP video surveillance products will be released by Moxa in the coming months.

The NEMA TS2 standard was established by National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to define safe traffic control equipment. Section 2 contains the environmental and testing requirements, including guidelines for temperature (-34 to 74°C), humidity (8 % to 90 % RH, noncondensing), vibration (0.5 g @ 5 to 30 Hz), and shock (10 G's for 11 ms). Passing the NEMA standards proves our commitment to providing high-quality and enhanced intelligence transportation solutions to the customers.

The VPort 461 and VPort 451 series are 1-channel H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4 industrial video encoders that support full D1 resolution at up to 30/25 (NTSC/PAL) frames per second. They also feature 3 simultaneous streams, models that support -40 to 75℃ operating temperatures, video latency under 200 ms, SD/SDHC slots for local storage, two Ethernet ports for cascading or port redundancy, pre-alarm recording, and two-way audio service.

In the coming months, Moxa will continue to release more NEMA TS2-certified IP video surveillance products including 4-channel H.264/MJPEG industrial video encoders and IP cameras. To learn more about Moxa’s IP video solutions, please visit: https://www.moxa.com/product/IP_Surveillance.htm

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