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Moxa Debuts New All-in-One Wireless RTU for GPRS Remote Monitoring

Taipei, Taiwan, October 8, 2009—Moxa is pleased to announce the new ioLogik W5312 Active GPRS RTU. The ioLogik W5312 is a compact, all-in-one solution that integrates a GPRS modem, an I/O controller, and a data logger in one device. Its all-in-one design helps users easily build a GPRS remote monitoring system, making the ioLogik W5312 the perfect solution for monitoring a wide coverage area, such as in water and wastewater systems, pipeline transportation monitoring, or environmental monitoring applications.

The ioLogik W5312 is an extremely cost-effective solution for GPRS remote monitoring applications. In cellular communications, transmission charges are calculated by the size of the transmitted data packets. The ioLogik W5312 comes with many features that optimize the data transmission rate and lower your operating costs. Compared with traditional "polling" structure, Moxa's "push-based" Active OPC Server conserves data transmission volume when communicating with SCADA systems; front-end data logging and report-by-exception functions also minimize unnecessary data transmission. Furthermore, Moxa's patented Click&Go™ offers easy and intuitive "IF-THEN-ELSE" control logic, which shortens deployment time and cost.


.8 DIs, 4 DIOs, and 8 DOs
.All-in-one, compact size design
.Power management for energy efficiency
.Active alarm system via SMS, SNMP Trap, TCP/UDP, and email
.Serial device port
.SD card support for data logging

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