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Moxa's Rugged Outdoor Wireless APs Selected to Build a Wireless Network on an UAE Railway Line

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 05, 2010—A major United Arab Emirates railway operator selected Moxa's wireless APs for their rolling stock WLAN network. Wireless technology has become increasingly popular in industrial automation as a growing number of system integrators, governmental agencies, and industrial solution providers turn to wireless solutions for their applications. In the railway market, proven wireless LAN technology can dramatically upgrade the performance and availability of train and rail operations and security.


On this rail line, AWK-4121s were deployed on board the train to support the passenger information system and provide control and monitoring links with the trackside network as the train approaches the stations. The onboard clients are agile enough to keep up with the fast-moving train and can seamlessly maintain a connection with trackside networks thanks to Moxa's proprietary Turbo Roaming technology with a fast handover time of less than 100 ms, or less than 50 ms when paired with Moxa wireless access controller. Another concern in railway networks is that rain, moisture, and dust can infiltrate outdoor wireless devices and disrupt network communication. The AWK-4121 is a robust product that provides stable and reliable wireless performance despite the harsh outdoor conditions in the Middle East. Moxa's AWK-4121 is housed in a tough IP68-rated metal casing with M12 connectors for total protection against dust, water, vibration, and other environmental hazards. With an extended temperature range of -40 to 75°C and dual redundant power inputs, operational reliability is assured. The AWK-4121 complies with EN50155 and EN50121-1/-4 for safe railway operations.


"The railway market now demands more reliable and higher performing networks in order to deliver improved traffic safety, more satisfying passenger services, and higher operational efficiency," said Jackie Shi, senior manager of Moxa Industrial Wireless division. "To meet these challenges, Moxa offers users the most reliable industrial networking solutions including Turbo Roaming for seamless wireless communication, as well as extended temperature design, and EN50155 certification for rail traffic applications. With this suite of industrially-hardened features, the AWK is a firm foundation for rock-solid WLANs that operate reliably and safely in critical environments."


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