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Introducing Moxa's industrial wireless portal with online webinars

Moxa has created a portal that provides visitors with a comprehensive overview of industrial wireless technology. The use of wireless networking in the industrial sector promises more efficient use of energy and materials, along with lower production costs, lower infrastructure costs, and longer equipment lifetime. Moxa's industrial wireless portal provides essential and practical information about implementing wireless technology for industrial applications. Visitors can learn how to choose between different wireless solutions and what steps to take for easy wireless migration.

Online presentations are also available for visitors to obtain a basic understanding of industrial wireless technology. The webinars explain how wireless technology can be used to integrate different applications for more flexibility and mobility. Five different topics are presented:


Part 1: Selecting the right wireless technology
There are some key factors that need to be considered when selecting a wireless technology for your industrial application. Find out how to choose a solution that will help your business achieve greater revenue, increased mobility, and more flexibility.


Part 2: WLAN technology for industrial applications
IEEE 802.11 is one of the most popular wireless communication standards in the world. Learn how this technology can be deployed in demanding industrial environments, helping you to save costs.


Part 3: Wireless technology for serial devices
There are very compelling reasons to take advantage of wireless technology for serial device connections. Find out how it's done and learn about the issues and pitfalls that you need to be aware of.


Part 4: Migrating to cellular M2M
The cellular platform makes it possible for industrial networking devices to overcome location, terrain, and network coverage problems. Get a closer look at how the M2M industry will evolve and the kinds of solutions available with Moxa.


Part 5: Wireless solutions for embedded computing
When embedded computing applications are able to take advantage of wireless technology, the world is wide open. Find out how the ThinkCore W300 series of wireless embedded computers can bring power and versatility to any industrial application.

Moxa's industrial wireless portal is located at the following web address: www.moxa.com/Zones/Wireless_Ethernet/index.htm


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