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China's first unmanned iron ore loading facility uses NPort 6000

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 22, 2006 — MOXA's NPort 6000 device servers have been selected to help automate operations at China's first unmanned iron ore loading facility.

The loading facility was proposed by a Shanghai-based company for a new port's second-phase construction project. A major component of facility's operation involves iron ore pellets that travel in piles on two large conveyors for automated handling. Scanner-equipped loading arms automatically generate 3D computer models of each pile to determine how each pile will be processed and loaded. The large volume of information means that conventional data transmission speeds are not sufficient for automated processing. The scanners, produced by leading manufacturer SICK, are set at 38.4 Kbps and must switch to 500 Kbps, a nonstandard baudrate.

MOXA's NPort 6000 device servers were selected for their ability to connect SICK scanners instantly to the Ethernet network, something no other device server was able to accomplish. Effortless support for any nonstandard baudrate, including 500 Kbps as used by the SICK scanner, was a key advantage. Moreover, the NPort server's industrial-grade design ensured a reliable and secure data transmission tunnel, preventing loss or interception of data.

Unmanned loading is an important development for the steel industry, which is characterized by hazardous workplace environments where serious injuries can occur. The move towards increased automation is expected to result in safer working conditions, higher efficiency, and substantial financial benefits.

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