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Moxa Technologies Connects Baby Love Art with Wireless Application

Moxa Technologies is honored to provide severalwireless serial device servers to the Baby Love project, which will be displayed at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. The Baby Love project, which took four months to complete, was led by the well-known artist Shu Lea Cheang. Ms. Cheang and eight teams located around the world used digital technology to create this avant-garde audio-visual art exhibit.

The Baby Love exhibit consists of baby dolls seated inside large-sized spinning coffee cups that double as bumper cars. A combination of red, blue, green, yellow, and orange colors is used to create a striking and attractive display. Each of the dolls has a wireless device server hidden in the doll's interior, and two speakers are attached to the doll's diapers to transmit sound. Spectators who sit in the cups can upload their favorite music to the doll's music system over a wireless network. When one cup bumps into another, the two participants will be able to hear each others' music emanating from the speakers in their own cup. The purpose of creating such a unique combination of dolls, bumper cars, and digital technology is to emphasize how modern technology can be used to enhance interpersonal communications.

The Baby Love project will be exhibited on Dec. 8th at the Palais de Tokyo exhibition hall in Paris, France, and in May at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

The Moxa product used for this project is NPort W2150, a wireless serial device server that is used to connect serial devices to a wireless network.

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