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Moxa's DynaStream Elastic Frame Rate Control Technology Optimizes Network Performance


Moxa's DynaStream technology adds new video bandwidth management options by automatically lowering or raising the video frame rate in response to events. DynaStream prevents network congestion and gives users additional flexibility in integrating their IP video surveillance with industrial monitoring and control systems.

More and more users now combine their SCADA and video surveillance systems into one network, which means that the network must use valuable bandwidth resources efficiently. Mission-critical data, such as CGI commands, must take priority on the network when emergencies occur. Moxa's DynaStream will automatically adjust how much bandwidth is consumed by video data so network operators do not need to manually adjust the frame rate whenever there is a lot of important data to transmit. When the network is over-utilized, DynaStream can automatically reduce the video frame rate to minimize bandwidth consumption. Once DynaStream is deactivated, the video frame rate returns to the normal level. DynaStream can also automatically increase the frame rate to provide detailed visual information during an emergency. Thanks to DynaStream, the network operator can customize a powerful and flexible bandwidth management strategy for their specific network needs with just a few clicks in a web browser.

DynaStream is included in Moxa's 1-channel, H.264-enabled VPort 461 industrial video encoders. Future VPort products will also support DynaStream
DynaStream Benefits:

  • Highly responsive to network conditions
  • Lower network and backend system workload
  • Seamless integration with network systems

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