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ioLogik E2260 brings intelligence to RTD temperature sensors

Taipei, Taiwan, December 24, 2007— Moxa is pleased to present its new ioLogik E2260 Active Ethernet I/O for temperature measurement. This is the world's first I/O module with an embedded intelligent core kernel that performs real-time channel average and deviation calculations and reports without a need for a PC. This advanced feature optimizes device monitoring and secures facility property by providing highly accurate temperature monitoring for temperature-sensitive environments such as tunnels, museums, warehouses, and server rooms.

Empowered by Moxa's patented Click&Go logic, the ioLogik E2260 facilitates easy local logic control without need for programming. The Click&Go functions as an intelligent computer for simple local control. It facilitates condition-based event reporting and active messaging using a real-time time stamp to a host controller. When the I/O device meets the criteria, it responds immediately by sending an alert or report to the control room through TCP, UDP, e-mail, or SNMP trap.

Equipped with six RTD output channels and four digital output channels, the ioLogik E2260 is compatible with common RTD temperature sensors, such as the PT100, PT1000, JPT, and Ni sensors, and resistance sensors up to 2.2K Ohms. Six virtual channels are available for calculating the average value of each channel and the difference between two channels.

The ioLogik E2260 is a cost-effective solution for upgrading your AI systems. The DO channels of the ioLogik E2260 make connecting to PLC systems possible and share the analog process loading of the PLC system, resulting in faster performance of AI devices without sacrificing PLC resources.

For additional information, please contact Moxa at info@moxa.com. You may also visit the Moxa corporate website at www.moxa.com to learn more about the ioLogik E2260 and the ioLogik E2000 series.

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