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Redundant TTY Driver for CN2600 Terminal Servers


Moxa is proud to release version 1.17 of the CN2600 Real TTY driver for Linux. This will provide the CN2600 series terminal servers with a redundant COM function in the Linux host. Redundant COM mode enables system integrators to create robust dual-LAN architectures for mission-critical industrial applications. 

How Moxa’s Innovative Redundant COM Functionality Works

Redundant COM mode works similar to NT Real COM mode for the Windows Real COM driver, Linux Real TTY driver, and UNIX Fixed TTY driver. However, Redundant COM enables one multi-homed host to create two simultaneous connections to the CN2600. Thanks to this redundancy, if the original network path from the host to the CN2600 becomes disconnected, then administrators can use the other network interface on the same host as a backup communications path to the CN2600—without any down time. Moxa Windows Real COM drivers and Real TTY drivers empower redundant system design by transmitting the same set of data simultaneously through two connections to the CN2600 so that the multi-homed host is able to archive the redundant operation. Moxa is the only vendor in the world to provide this exclusive, patent-pending redundancy technology on terminal servers.


Redundant Linux TTY driver for CN2600 Terminal Servers V1.17 

Visit here to try it for yourself.

Redundant TTY Driver for CN2600 Terminal Servers


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