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Moxa Releases Smart Oil Field White Paper

smart-oil-fieldBrea, California, Sep 20, 2014—Moxa, a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, recently published its Smart Oil Field white paper, Embracing Field Intelligence in Smart Oil Fields.This white paper explores the trend of the smart oil field, and shares some successful application stories. 


"The smart oil field has become one of the hottest topics in today’s oil & gas industry.To build smart oil fields, you have to deliver and process massive amounts of data from thousands of data points, so engineers in the control room can respond to field site status reports in good time," stated Sean Huang, manager at Moxa Inc.

"For this reason, we believe that field intelligence, which allows you to collect and process the data from distributed layers of large, remote oil & gas network systems, is indispensable.That is why we present this white paper, to explain how field intelligence, along with an industry-proven design, can guarantee reliable data communications, data integrity, and data security."


For more details, download Moxa’s Smart Oil Field white paper at https://www.moxa.com/support/request_catalog_detail.aspx?id=1397  
You can also visit Moxa’s Oil & Gas portal at https://www.moxa.com/Solutions/Oil_and_gas/index.htm  


Embrace field intelligence in the smart oil fields


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