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Manage Your Solar Power System with Moxa Embedded Computers

Solar power has become one of the hottest topics today due to the soaring prices of traditional fuels. Breaking into this burgeoning market requires an understanding of the latest industry applications and solutions. Moxa is pleased to offer two resources that explain a new application for managing a solar power system with embedded computers.

In addition to managing the solar energy system, central controllers need to manage peripheral devices, such as traffic signals, as well. Embedded computers can play an important role in this function.

The solar energy industry's goal is to maximize energy efficiency. Embedded computers can be used to achieve this goal by being deployed as controllers for remote monitoring, data acquisition, data logging and protocol conversion when constructing a solar energy system.

Solar energy inverter manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, or anyone who would like to learn more about the latest solar energy applications are invited to consult our new solar energy website and download the white paper.

This white paper highlights the current status of the solar energy industry and how embedded computers can be used in solar energy applications.

The following topics are covered in this white paper:

  • The current status of the solar energy market
  • How embedded computers can be used in solar energy applications 
  • The advantage of using embedded computers in solar energy markets
  • The architecture of a typical solar energy application

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