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Substation Technical Guidebook Now Available!

Taipei, Taiwan, September 5, 2011—We are pleased to announce that the 2011 Substation Technical Guidebook can now be downloaded for free from Moxa's website!
Substations are key components of the power grid, and Moxa provides a suite of networking and computing solutions for constructing smart substations. This 68-page technical guidebook illustrates a smart substation that implements IEC 61850 for common communication models and IEEE 1588 for precise time synchronization between smart devices.

You can find the following information in this guidebook:

1. A summary of current substation environments, and how smart substations make a substation smarter.
2. An overview of the IEC 61850 standard and IEEE 1588 certifications for smart substations.
3. Moxa’s breakthrough solutions for the IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1588 standards, which apply to network redundancy, secondary system networking, and embedded computing systems.
4. Global case studies categorized by the voltage used.
5. Moxa’s three growth engines in substations: (1) how we exceed substation standards, (2) our value-added software and service, and (3) our comprehensive solutions.

Download the 2011 Substation Technical Guidebook now, and begin your own power success story by clicking here: https://www.moxa.com/support/request_catalog_detail.aspx?id=185

About Moxa: Your Trusted Partner in Automation

Moxa is a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions for enabling connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things. With over 30 years of industry experience, Moxa has connected more than 50 million devices worldwide and has a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Moxa delivers lasting business value by empowering industry with reliable networks and sincere service for industrial communications infrastructures. Information about Moxa’s solutions is available at www.moxa.com.