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SafeGuard™ Your Data with Moxa’s Compact TC-6110 3U Train Computers


Taipei, Taiwan, April 9, 2012 —Moxa is pleased to reveal a new train computer that delivers high data storage and dependable performance: the TC-6110. Powered by an Intel Atom CPU, the TC-6110 excels as an NVR computer for onboard video surveillance, combining high storage capacity, exceptional vibration resistance, cutting-edge self-diagnostics, and advanced integration options through its flexible expansion modules.

Starting with Moxa’s patented anti-vibration hard disk bracket, the TC-6110 delivers strong vibration tolerance, even when using conventional and affordable hard disk drives. On top of this, Moxa SafeGuard technology gives the system operator an unparalleled degree of diagnostic and maintenance capabilities. SafeGuard™ technology includes both an independent G-Sensor and T-Sensor for monitoring vibrations and temperature, giving system operators important data about operational conditions and the root causes of data corruption. A built-in intelligent heater allows the TC-6110 to boot up even in very cold conditions.

Bee Lee, Managing Director of Moxa’s Industrial Computing Division, explained the TC-6110’s design approach:
“The question of data storage was a major dilemma facing on-board systems for rolling stock video surveillance. Video takes up quite a bit of space, but with trains you’re also operating in a high-vibration environment. When it comes to on-board data storage, it used to be that out of three things that you really wanted—high storage capacity, reliability, and affordability—you could only pick two. You couldn’t have it all. Solid state disks can get you the anti-vibration performance you need, but they are expensive in high capacities. Hard disk drives are more affordable, but cannot deliver the same degree of reliability. The TC-6110 makes it possible to get all three, without compromise.”

Building on this foundation of consistent performance and ample storage capacity, the TC-6110 also delivers on the performance side thanks to a strong core feature set that is paired with a flexible modular design that expands to meet greater system requirements. M12 Ethernet ports and a built-in GPS module give the TC-6110 effective tools for operating as an NVR platform. Optional PoE, Wi-Fi, or 3G modules extend the communications options of the platform, and the power input module accepts power in an industry-leading 24 – 110 VDC range.


Learn more about TC-6110; visit:
Campaign site: https://www.moxa.com/Event/Sys/2013/safeguard/index.htm
Product page: https://www.moxa.com/product/TC-6110.htm


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