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New EDR-810 Firmware Release to Support Transparent Firewall and Real-Time Event Notification

EDR-810Brea, California, Dec 24, 2014—Moxa has released a new firmware for the EDR-810 industrial 8+2G multiport secure router to support transparent (bridge mode) firewall functionality. With this new feature support, you can implement firewall security in your network without having to configure network subnets. In addition, the EDR-810 can now provide comprehensive VPN, firewall, and DoS event logs for real-time notification and historical analysis. Learn more about the EDR-810.

The EDR-810 series is an industrial multiport secure router featuring firewall, NAT, VPN, and managed L2 switching functions that allow the EDR-810 to transmit data efficiently while protecting the network and critical devices from cyber attacks. By integrating security and networking functions, the EDR-810 is both cost-effective and easy to deploy. 

“With transparent firewall support, the EDR-810 allows automation engineers to add firewall protection to critical equipment in automation networks and perform deep packet inspection on the application, IP/Port, and MAC layers without any change of subnet configuration. As system uptime becomes an important KPI, cyber security is now a key requirement in industrial automation, and the transparent firewall feature makes the EDR-810 an ideal solution for our customers looking for easy and flexible network security deployment,” said Li Peng, product manager for Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure division. “Moreover, the EDR-810 provides comprehensive VPN/firewall/DoS event logs and SNMP traps for real-time event notification or historical analysis to allow you to monitor your network more efficiently.”


To Learn More:
Go to EDR-810 product page: https://www.moxa.com/product/EDR-810.htm

Read Moxa’s industrial cyber security white paper:


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