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Expand Your System Flexibility with Moxa's UC-8100 RISC Computers

UC-8100 Linux RISC ComputersBrea, California, July 2, 2014—Space limitation is always a major concern in distributed IA systems, so finding a compact computing solution that fulfills application demands for high computing power, large storage capacity, and flexible wireless connectivity is a challenge. This month, Moxa is rolling out our new small form factor UC-8100 wireless Linux computer, specifically designed for large scale, big data WAN computing solutions. The UC-8100 is built around an ARMv7 Cortex-A8 processor, and comes with up to two RS-422/485 serial ports alongside dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN ports. Finally, these computers also feature a Mini PCIe socket that supports a cellular interface and other modules. These versatile communication capabilities let users efficiently adapt the UC-8100 to a wide variety of complex communication and processing solutions, useful both as a communications platform in large-scale distributed applications, and as a reliable and secure gateway for data acquisition and in-the-field processing.

Small and scalable design to future proofing your industrial automation

“The diversity of technology and the sheer pace of its development have made manufacturers work hard to find common communications interfaces. A decade ago, we were still using ISDN and POTS, people hadn’t even heard of UMTS and ADSL – 3G was barely even on the horizon. Now we’re looking towards 4G and beginning to speculate over the capabilities of 5 and even 6G.” explains Charles Chen, embedded business development manager with Moxa Americas, Inc. “Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, UC-8100 Linux computers are especially equipped with Wi-Fi and Mini PCIe sockets for cellular modems, plus a programmable Linux RISC computer, for a 3-in-1 communications device that saves on construction and maintenance costs”.   

  • Compact, space saving form, with a DIN rail mount for easy installation
  •  Lots of room for memory expansion using either SD or mini SD cards
  •  Mini PCIe socket makes cellular and modular upgrades a simple task
  •  Adjust platform capabilities and save on development costs by taking advantage of a range of pin-to-pin-compatible, scalable RISC CPUs  

Easier management for mass distributed computing applications

For distributed processing applications, management and maintenance are big challenges. UC-8100 computers combine high performance RISC architectures with ample storage capacity, allowing users wide flexibility when developing new automation systems. Programmable LEDs allow integrators or end users to define unique event signaling, to aid when building troubleshooting tools into a system.

  •  Call upon the rich variety of free software solutions provided by the Debian ARM 7 system
  • Programmable LEDs make debugging and troubleshooting in the field much easier work
  • Native support for Modbus, for convenient sensor installation  

Stronger security to protect valuable data both from hardware and software aspects

UC-8100 computers also come with extremely strong protection from network attacks. Moxa has taken the powerful Trusted Platform Module (TPM) one step further, and integrated a patented secure boot algorithm that delivers extremely strong protection against kernel corruption of any sort—thus eliminating (short of physical theft of the keys) the only possible attack vector available to crackers. With the kernel protected, your computer will be able to work securely with the guarantee that any communications it makes via TPM will remain confidential and safe from the possibility of exposure via a rooted system.  

  • Built-in TPM with the strongest commercial firewall protection: EAL4+ compliant security
  • Patented secure boot technology uses a dynamic encryptor to safeguard your Linux kernel
  • SD write protection with integrated TPM guarantees OS integrity
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About Moxa: Your Trusted Partner in Automation

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