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Video-Always-On Networks for Mission Critical Surveillance

Brea, California, May 29, 2015—Moxa is pleased to introduce its new V-ON technology, which is designed to prevent video loss from mission-critical surveillance networks. Robust surveillance networks are an increasingly important aspect of public safety and critical security applications. V-ON stands for Video-Always-On network technology. To support non-stop video stream monitoring, V-ON technology overcomes layer 2 and layer 3 multicast limitations to recover from layer 2 video loss in under 50 milliseconds, and to provide layer 3 routing redundancy of under 300 ms.


Prevent Security Breaches at All Times
"Security events can happen in the blink of an eye, and video surveillance networks that fail to deliver key images in real time could delay response, resulting in disasters that endanger both people and property," said Ray Hsu, product manager of Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure division.
Millisecond-Level Video Recovery
To achieve non-stop video surveillance, Moxa’s V-ON network technology maximizes IP surveillance network uptime. Combined with Moxa's patented Turbo Ring/Turbo Chain protocols, V-ON technology optimizes complex video streaming to implement layer 2 video recovery within 50 ms, and layer 3 routing recovery within 300 ms after a video network failure.
Video-Always-On Solution
V-ON can be implemented on a wide range of Moxa robust Ethernet switches by a simple firmware update. "As a matter of fact, video-always-on networking depends on V-ON's optimized connectivity, device robustness, and management efficiency to achieve operational reliability, availability, and efficiency for mission-critical surveillance," said Hsu.
"To facilitate fast network deployment and easy event tracking, Moxa offers MXstudio, a user-friendly network management suite that does NOT require IT skills," added Hsu. "By incorporating MXstudio with V-ON enabled switches, customers can complete configurations 10 times faster, and utilize the live-view topology and event playback functions to run intuitive surveillance network monitoring operations.”



About Moxa: Your Trusted Partner in Automation

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