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Moxa Launches Industrial 802.11n/HSPA Wireless Router for Both WLAN, WWAN Connectivity

Brea, California, June 02, 2015—Moxa is pleased to release the WDR-3124A, the company’s first wireless router that combines both WLAN and WWAN connectivity to ensure that your wireless devices are connected anywhere, anytime. The WDR-3124A’s innovative auto-switch failover function enables automatic switchovers between 802.11n and HSPA standards, ensuring wireless availability for your mission-critical systems.  
Many industrial applications rely on moving equipment during operation, such as tramways in transportation or tank trucks in oil and gas applications. When operators need to remotely access critical data onboard, there are two ways to build a wireless network. One way is to deploy a wireless client onboard to communicate with APs at each station. Another way is to deploy a cellular device onboard and communicate with the control center directly. However, neither solution alone is ideal. According to Moxa Product Manager Sean Lin, “Long-distance transmission between remote stations is subject to Wi-Fi access failures and cellular communication can be expensive. The WDR-3124A combines both 802.11n and HSPA connectivity for seamless auto-switch failovers so operators can set Wi-Fi as the primary connection and automatically switch over to cellular if the Wi-Fi link goes down. This not only ensures seamless connections, but also reduces costs for cellular airtime since the cellular connection is only used when the Wi-Fi network is inaccessible.”

To ensure reliable wireless LAN and WAN connections, the WDR-3124A also supports Moxa’s Turbo Roaming technology* for seamless Wi-Fi roaming within milliseconds. For cellular transmission, dual SIM card slots with GuaranLink technology ensures reliable cellular transmissions, making the WDR-3124A the most ideal wireless router for your wireless applications that require both LAN and WAN connectivity.

WDR-3124A Series Features
·         Auto-switch failover technology ensures millisecond handover from 802.11n to HSPA
·         Effective power and antenna isolation for device reliability and longevity
·         Innovative GuaranLink technology with 4-tier connection checks to ensure seamless connectivity
·         Millisecond-level Turbo Roaming technology* ensure seamless roaming within milliseconds
*Function available in Q4, 2015
Additional Product Information
To learn more about the WDR-3124A series industrial 802.11n/HSPA wireless routers, please visit:
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