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Moxa leads migration to IPv6 for next-generation industrial Ethernet networks

Moxa EDS-510A---IPv6-ready industrial Ethernet switchTaipei, Taiwan, December 31, 2008—Moxa is proud to announce that the EDS-510A is the first industrial managed Ethernet switch on the market to bear the IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) Ready Logo. Certification by the IPv6 Ready Logo Program means that the EDS-510A is in full compliance with IPv6 mandatory core protocols and compatible with other IPv6 equipment. IPv6 was created in response to the worldwide exhaustion of IP addresses, providing 128-bit addresses to support unimpeded network traffic for point-to-point and two-way communication. Moxa is already working to expand IPv6 support to all of our Ethernet switches in the near future. By adopting the next-generation internet protocol for industrial Ethernet networks, the EDS-510A offers carefree automatic IP address configuration and built-in QoS.


The most obvious benefit of using IPv6 is the additional IP address space it supports. Moxa's EDS-510A Ethernet switch adopts a dual stack transition structure that supports both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously, so users don't need to worry about upgrading all of their networking devices in the coming years. By automatically allocating IP addresses, the EDS-510A ensures secure and flexible communication over industrial networks. In addition, IPv6 packet tags offer improved traffic prioritization for Quality of Service (QoS).


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