Free Registration: Three easy steps to activate EtherNet/IP I/O
EtherNet/IP™ is one of the most popular industrial communication protocols in the world. The latest ioLogik E1200 firmware supports the EtherNet/IP protocol, and only three easy steps are needed to register and activate EtherNet/IP on your device!

Step 1. Scan the device’s serial number

To register the device in the Moxa Software Licensing System, first get the device’s serial number from the device label; you can also use a barcode scanner to scan the serial number.

Step 2. Register the device in the Moxa Software Licensing System

Connecto to the Moxa Software Licensing System ( ) and key in the device’s serial number. Single or multiple inputs are allowed. If your device is registered successfully, the license file will be available for download immediately.

Note: You will need to apply for an account first.

Step 3. Activate EtherNet/IP on your device

Download the license file generated by the Moxa Software Licensing System and save the file to the designated directory on your PC. Next, connect the ioLogik E1200 device to the PC and use Moxa’s “ioSearch” utility to connect the device. You can now activate the EtherNet/IP protocol from the “ioSearch” utility.

Note: Multiple devices can be activated.

Please check the utility and firmware versions before starting your registration process.

Model Firmware Version
ioLogik E1210 V2.5
ioLogik E1211 V2.4
ioLogik E1212 V2.5
ioLogik E1213 V2.6
ioLogik E1214 V2.5
ioLogik E1240 V2.4
ioLogik E1241 V2.5
ioLogik E1242 V2.5
ioLogik E1260 V2.5
ioLogik E1262 V2.5
Utility Utility Version
ioSearch V1.15