Two Main Reasons Why Surveillance Cameras are Deployed on the Exterior of Trains

Passenger Safety

As passenger safety and operational efficiency in the rail industry are increasingly being emphasized, it is becoming necessary to install an effective video surveillance system that covers more than just the interior of a train, but the exterior as well. Cameras deployed on the train exterior can assist train operators to ensure that doorways are clear, which is particularly important as this is the most likely place for accidents to occur. In addition, cameras deployed on the exterior of trains allow safety checks to be performed remotely, which helps operators move closer to deploying automated trains.

Pantograph Maintenance

The pantograph malfunctioning is a critical issue that needs to be considered as it often results in long delays and huge financial losses. Without cameras on the exterior of the train, it is difficult to determine whether the pantograph malfunctioned during normal operations, or the fault was due to external factors. When there is clear footage, it is easy for train operators to determine when and why the pantograph malfunctioned.

Key Challenges

Key Benefits

Rugged Design for Maximum Reliability

The VPort 06EC-2V is designed with industrial-grade features to withstand harsh environments.

Customizable for Greater Flexibility

Moxa’s VPort 06EC-2V can be fitted with a variety of different lenses and an adjustable pan and tilt function to provide greater flexibility.

Optimal Video Technology

Moxa’s VPort 06EC-2V is equipped with technologies to consistently maintain high image quality and ensure clear images even when light conditions are rapidly changing.

White Paper

Within the rail surveillance industry, a new trend is currently gathering momentum. Due to frequent requests from train operators, coupled with significant advances in technology, a desire to install surveillance cameras on the exterior of trains is becoming prevalent throughout the rail industry. However, before these desires are realized, significant technical challenges have to be overcome. This white paper examines these challenges and introduces new technologies that are currently being utilized in order to make camera installation on the exterior of trains not only possible, but also beneficial and profitable to train builders and operators.

Moxa’s Cameras for the Exterior of Trains

VPort 06EC-2V Series
Retro-Vision and Pantograph IP Cameras

  • IP67-rated dustproof and waterproof protection
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution at up to 60 FPS
  • Built-in heater for the glass screen to remove snow and frost
  • iCapTrue image enhancement technology
  • Includes DynaStream™ to maximize network efficiency
  • Includes CBR Pro™ for high quality images under limited bandwidth availability
  • ONVIF Profile S supported for interoperability