RTU & Remote I/O

ioLogik 2500 Series

Smart Remote I/O with Click&Go Plus™

Moxa’s ioLogik 2500 series integrates I/O functionality, an Ethernet switch, serial/Modbus connectivity, and 32 GB of data logging into a single remote I/O device. With the ioLogik 2500, engineers can enjoy a powerful new tool for reducing overall system cost and complexity, while increasing data acquisition efficiency and accuracy. This integrated 4-in-1 remote I/O solution reduces the required numbers of components and connections, and eliminates the need for extensive rewiring.

  • New Click&Go Plus™ logic provides powerful front-end intelligence
  • 4-port unmanaged switch built in for linking to Ethernet devices
  • Optimized I/O expansion port for daisy chaining up to 8 ioLogik E1200 units
  • 2 serial ports (RS-232/422/485) for connecting field devices
  • Built-in datalogger supports an FTP server and microSD™ card with up to a 32 GB
  • Transforms Modbus RTU into Modbus TCP or Active Tags
  • Active communication with patented MX-AOPC UA Server
  • Smart alarm management: Email, SNMP traps, TCP, UDP
  • Wide operating temperature: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F)

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ioLogik-2542 Ethernet remote I/O with Click&Go Plus™, 4 AIs, 12 DI/Os

ioLogik W5340-HSPA Series

Smart Cellular Remote I/O with 4 AIs, 8 DIOs, 2 Relays

The ioLogik W5340-HSPA offers an excellent 3G cellular solution for remote monitoring and alarm systems. Thanks to Moxa’s active technology, you can expect to cut transmission costs in half by selecting different cellular connection strategies to achieve faster data rate and better transmission fees. The ioLogik W5300 series combines the I/O controller, cellular modem, and data logger into a compact box design that reduces deployment time and cost, and simplifies operation and maintenance.

  • Universal tri-band UMTS/HSPA 850/1900/2100 MHz with IPSec/VPN support
  • Definable cellular connection strategy to optimize data transmission
  • Intuitive menu driven front-end intelligence
  • Flexible Unicode alarm system supporting SMS, email, SNMP Trap, and TCP/UDP
  • -40 to 70˚C operating temperature range

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ioLogik W5340-HSPA HSPA Micro RTU Controller with 4 AIs, 8 DIOs, and 2 relay outputs

ioLogik E2200 Series

Ethernet Micro RTU Controllers

The ioLogik E2200 Ethernet micro RTU controller is a PC-based data acquisition and control device that uses proactive, event-based reporting to control I/O devices. Unlike traditional RTUs, which are passive and must poll for data, Moxa's Active OPC Server makes seamless connection with SCADA systems a reality. In addition, SNMP is used for communicating with an NMS (Network Management System) for IT field users.

  • Active messaging with real-time stamp, including SMS, SNMP Trap with I/O status, TCP, and email
  • I/O peer-to-peer function and SNMPv1/v2c/v3 support
  • Front-end intelligence supporting 24 Click&Go™ rules

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ioLogik E2200 Series Ethernet Micro RTU Controllers

ioLogik E1200 Series

Ethernet Remote I/O

Moxa's compact remote I/O combines a fixed number of I/O points in a single space-saving package. Moxa covers all your Ethernet to serial needs with a variety of products. Moxa's patented Active OPC Server™ reduces network traffic with an active communication structure that actively updates I/O status to the host.

  • Active communication with patented Active OPC Server
  • 2-port Ethernet switch for daisy-chain topologies
  • Easy mass deployment and configuration with ioSearch utility
  • Save time and wiring cost with peer-to-peer communication
  • User-defined Modbus/TCP addressing
  • Simplify I/O management with MXIO library on Windows or Linux platform
  • Wide operating temperature: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F)

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ioLogik E1200 Series Ethernet Remote I/O

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