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Industrial design phase tests maximize operational stability

Now, as PLCs, RTUs, sensors, and SCADA systems in oil & gas facilities are connected over Ethernet, mission-critical infrastructure has become a high-priority target for cyber attackers. Any intrusion into an industrial control system will potentially reduce production quality, or cause significant damage, so protecting the network from these intrusions must be a top priority. Moxa's industrial routers all feature firewall, NAT, and VPN technology that greatly reduces safety risks by significantly enhancing network security. Moreover, Moxa's rugged IP cameras can keep any section of the field sites and control center under event-driven observation, 24/7.

Secure Your Network Against Cyber Attacks

Moxa offers a series of all-in-one industrial secure routers with strong packet filtering for firewall, NAT, and encrypted VPN capabilities. The EDR series industrial secure router provides highly secure, encrypted VPN tunnels for communications back to a remote control room, while its built-in firewall and NAT features can protect critical infrastructure from malicious data stream manipulations. With high-speed Gigabit performance, Moxa's industrial secure routers ensure rapid, secure data communications with no compromise in network security, making them ideal for any data-hungry application.
Industrial Secure Routers      
Target Requirements
  • Dual WAN redundancy
  • Gigabit bandwidth at up to 500 Mbps
  • Network security between a WAN
    and LAN
  • Gigabit bandwidth at up to 300 Mbps
  • Front-end secure routers with
    Layer 2 switch functions
  • Multiple ports for accessing device connections
Interface 2 WANs (combo); 1 LAN (combo) 1 WAN (combo); 1 LAN (RJ45) 1 WAN; 15 LANs
Throughput 500 Mbps (40,000 fps) 300 Mbps (25,000 fps) 110 Mbps (10,000 fps)
VPN 100 IPSec tunnels 50 IPSec tunnels 10 IPSec tunnels
Firewall/NAT 512/256 policies 256/128 policies 256/128 policies
DMZ 1 -
Operating Temperature 0 to 60°C,
-40 to 75°C (T model)
0 to 60°C,
-40 to 75°C (T model)
-10 to 60°C,
-40 to 75°C (T model)
  Industrial Secure Routers EDR-G903 Series Industrial Secure Routers EDR-G902 Series Industrial Secure Routers EDR-810 Series

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