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Offshore Oil and Gas Network Communication Solutions for Oil Drilling Control Systems

The oil and gas communication network equipment must comply with industrial standards that certify its ability to operate in an environment with varying temperatures, corrosion, and vibration. Offshore Oil and Gas Communication Solutions

Network Requirements

  • A single, highly interoperable computing platform to effectively serve drilling control systems
  • Real-time monitoring of the field site from the driller’s cabin
  • All information (e.g., power, drilling speed, temperature points, etc) must be displayed on the drilling console
  • Zone 2 certification for hazardous locations, to guarantee system safety
  • Robust, durable devices to reduce system downtime
  • Network redundancy to enhance communication efficiency and reliability

Moxa Offshore Oil and Gas Solutions

  • Complete line of Zone 2-certified networking, computing, and monitoring solutions
  • Sunlight-readable, IP66-rated panel computers
  • Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain network redundancy technologies deliver integrated Ethernet rings that recover in 20 ms* or less
  • Industrial Ethernet gateways for a wide variety of industrystandard protocols and MX-AOPC UA Server, for seamlessly integrating remote I/O into the SCADA
  • Industry’s most user-friendly network management and diagnostics tool: MXstudio network management suite
  • Booting up under extreme low temperatures, ensuring the whole network availability

*Note: 10G/1G Ethernet recovery time < 50 ms

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