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Onshore Oil and Gas - Wireless Solutions for Wellhead Monitoring

The oil and gas industry is moving towards a complete digital oilfield to increase production and reduce downtime. As oil and gas fields often span hundreds or even thousands of square miles across remote areas, wireless networks can improve communication efficiency. Many large oil and gas companies are adopting wireless network solutions to transmit and collect mission-critical data for all of their communication needs. Reliable, high capacity wireless networks can provide the oil and gas industry with: 1. Reduced implementation time and costs 2. Increased system flexibility and scalability 3. Real-time production monitoring and data aggregationWireless Connections for Digital Oilfield

Network Requirement

  • Networks that are able to handle high data volumes and seamless communications
  • Comprehensive alternative cybersecurity solutions
  • Connecting legacy devices to wireless networks
  • Integration of various protocols in diverse oilfields
  • 24/7 operational reliability
  • Alarm settings for critical I/O tags
  • Product longevity and reliability for operating in harsh environments

Moxa Solutions

  • Moxa's industrial wireless features an antenna and power isolation, to secure mission-critical assets and extend product lifetime.
  • Moxa onshore oil and gas solutions offer cellular LTE, WLAN and stringent cybersecurity solutions for efficient oil and gas communication.
  • Reliable connections are guaranteed by a redundant design, which includes dual-SIM cards, dual power inputs, and Moxa’s Guaranlink software.
  • Moxa's industrial secure router provide stringent cybersecurity solutions, including a VPN, firewall, and packet checking, to ensure a high level of protection for your mission-critical assets.
  • A complete line of ATEX Zone 2-certified networking, computing, and monitoring solutions.
Wireless Connections for Oil Fields

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