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Onshore Oil and Gas - Computing and Network Communications for Drilling Rig Monitoring

A rig floor is a demanding environment. Systems integrators must carefully plan out the equipment and services to ensure efficiency and ease of maintenance. To achieve optimum rig performance, the monitoring system on the working platform is a critical factor. In particular, an effective Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and converged network communications help rig operators to make good decisions without delay. Meanwhile, maintenance directly influences the performance of the whole rig team. Keeping equipment working, and quickly replacing out-of-order parts, ensures efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership. Wireless Connections for Digital Oilfield

Network Requirement

  • A rig floor HMI to act as an extension of the control center to reduce operational risks
  • Wireless communications for drilling sites to increase flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • Integrating complex oilfield equipment
  • 24/7 operational reliability
  • Product longevity and reliability for operating in harsh environments

Moxa Solutions

  • Moxa's EXPC-1519 panel computer, with technology advancements (capacitive technology, high processor performance, and industrial design) makes it suitable for the harshest applications, improving visibility and creating operational intelligence for drilling applications.
  • Moxa’s EXPC-1519 panel computer supports Wi-Fi and cellular communications, making network construction easier and more flexible.
  • Moxa’s versatile products are able to fulfill a wide range of requirements. For example, media convertors make data transmission possible without requiring new equipment on rig floors.
  • A complete line of ATEX Zone 2-certified networking, computing, and monitoring solutions.
Computing and Network Communications for Drilling Rig Monitoring

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