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Industrial Certification for Hazardous and Offshore Sites

Oil & gas facilities are faced with the constant risk of explosion and leakage that not only jeopardizes business operations, but also puts human lives in danger. For this reason, equipment and systems used in these settings must be held to rigid standards to guarantee the highest level of security and reliability.

Moxa’s industrial products are designed in strict accordance with globally accepted standards for explosion protection in hazardous locations. Approved certifications include UL/cUL Class I Division 2, ATEX Zone 2, IECEx, and DNV/GL/ABS/LR/NK.

Models Interface Certifications Operating
Temperature (T Models)
Class I Div. 2 ATEX Zone 2 IECEx DNV/
Industrial Ethernet Switches
8, 8+3 GE, 16,
16+3 GE ports
- -40 to 75°C Modular, managed,
up to 3 Gigabit ports
8 GE, 12 GE, 16GE
- -40 to 75°C Managed,
Gigabit performance
EDS-510E /518E 7 + 3 GE ports/14+4
GE ports
- -40 to 75°C Managed, up to
4 Gigabit ports
5, 8, 16 ports - EDS-516A ✔ -40 to 75°C Managed
EDS-405A/408A 5, 8 ports -40 to 85°C Managed, entry-level
5, 8, 9, 16 ports - EDS-316 ✔ -40 to 75°C Unmanaged, advanced
EDS-205A/208A 5, 8 ports - -40 to 75°C Unmanaged, best
EDS-G205-1GTXSFP/G308 5 GE, 8 GE ports - -40 to 75°C Full Gigabit, unmanaged
IEX-402-VDSL2 2 VDSL2 ports - - -40 to 75°C Managed VDSL2 Ethernet extenders
Industrial Secure Router
EDR-810 8+2 G ports - - - -40 to 75°C Firewall/NAT/ VPN/
switch all-in-one
EDR-G902/G903 1 WAN (Combo), 1
LAN (RJ45)
- - - -40 to 85°C Industrial Secure Routers
with Firewall/NAT/VPN
Industrial Wireless AP/Bridge/Clients
AWK-3131A 802.11a/b/g/n - -40 to 75°C 60 Concurrent Clients Communication
AWK-4131A 802.11a/b/g/n - - - - -40 to 75°C IP68 protection
(US Only)
900MHz - - - -40 to 75°C High Bandwidth
30km Point to Point Communication
Media Converters
IMC-101 - -40 to 75°C Ethernet-to-fiber
IMC-101G - - -40 to 75°C Ethernet-to-fiber,
ICF-1150/1150I - - -40 to 85°C Serial-to-fiber, 3-way communication
(RS-232, fiber,
ICF-1180I - -40 to 75°C PROFIBUS-to-fiber
ICF-1280I - -40 to 75°C PROFIBUS-to-fiber,
dual fiber ports
Industrial Ethernet Gateways
MGate MB3170/MB3270 1, 2 ports -40 to 75°C Modbus RTU/
ASCII-to-Modbus TCP
MGate EIP3170/EIP3270 1, 2 ports - -40 to 75°C DF1-to-EtherNet/IP
MGate 5101-
1 port - -40 to 75°C PROFIBUS-to-Modbus TCP
MGate 5102-
1 port - -40 to 75°C PROFIBUS-to-PROFINET
MGate 5103 1 port - -40 to 75°C Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP/EtherNet/
IP to PROFINET gateway
MGate 5105-MB-EIP 1 port - -40 to 75°C Modbus-to-EtherNet/IP
MGate 5111 1 port - -40 to 75°C Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP/
to PROFIBUS slave gateway
MGate 5118 1 port - -40 to 75°C J1939 to Modbus/
MGate W5108/W5208 1, 2 ports - -40 to 75°C WiFi Modbus/DNP3 Gateway
Industrial Serial Device Servers
NPort IA5150/5250 1, 2 ports -40 to 75°C Patented ADDC
(Automatic data
direction control)
NPort IA5150A/5250A 1, 2, 4 ports - -40 to 75°C 2 kV isolation, surge protection, metal housing
NPort S9450I 4 ports - - - -40 to 85°C Rugged device server with managed Ethernet switch and DNP3/Modbus protocols supported
Computers and Panel Computers
Panel Computer
2 GE ports,
2 Fiber ports, 3 USB 2.0,
2 RS-232/422/485
- -40 to 70°C 19-inch Multi-touch with glove friendly;
Sunlight readable 1,000 nits LCD design, cable gland
Panel Computer
Panel Computer
Panel Computer
2 RJ-45 ports,
2 USB 2.0*,
2 RS-232/422/485
* MPC-2150: 4 USB2.0
-40 to 70°C 7-inch, 12-inch and,
15-inch multi-touch
with glove friendly; sunlight viewable
1,000 nits LCD design
MC-1100 Computer 4 GE ports,
2 USB 2.0,
2 RS-232/422/485
-40 to 70°C x86 computer w/ din rail form factor, 9~36VDC wide power input
Smart Remote I/O
4 AIs, and 12 DIOs - - -30 to 70°C Click&Go Plus control logic, data logging
Ethernet Remote I/O Products
ioLogik E1240 8 AIs - - -40 to 75°C 2 Ethernet ports, peer-to-peer
ioLogik E1242 4 AIs, 4 DIs, 4 DIOs - - -40 to 75°C 2 Ethernet ports, peer-to-peer

* Please contact a Moxa sales representative for information.

Environmental Hazards
and Ratings

Class I Division 2 / ATEX Zone 2
Equipment in a hazardous location where ignitable concentrations of gases, vapors, or liquids are located (such as a pipeline) must be specially designed and tested to meet  Class I Division 2 / ATEX Zone 2 standards to avoid explosions. Moxa products have been tested for safe and reliable operation in hazardous locations in accordance with strict, internationally recognized UL/cUL Class 1 Division 2, and ATEX Zone 2 standards.

ATEX Zone 2 standards industrial certification

IECEx Certification

IECEx, the IEC system for certification to international standards related to equipment used in explosive atmospheres, is a new global compliance of industrial certification for the oil & gas industry. Moxa’s industrial serial device servers, media converters, and Ethernet gateways have obtained certifications to meet the required level of safety and quality for use in hazardous areas. All of these products must pass a rigorous battery of tests and quality assessment regimens before they can be awarded a certificate of conformity.

IECEx industrial certification

Maritime Certification

Offshore oil rigs and drilling platforms place high demands on their equipment since they are more likely to be exposed to a wide variety of environmental damage, such as salt mist and humidity. For this reason, equipment used in these settings must conform to maritime standards to provide the highest level of onsite security. The maritime standards, which include DNV, GL, ABS, LR, and NK for individual regions, confirm a device’s ability to withstand temperature, humidity, vibration, EMC, and other stresses, as well as its suitability for specific, well-defined classes of marine environments. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet and computing solutions have passed several marine certifications to guarantee the reliable and safe operation of equipment used on ships or at offshore sites.

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