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Complete Head-to-Toe Embedded Computing Solutions for Power Substations
Product Solutions:


Two minds are better than one. Adding locally intelligent nodes can create networks of surpassing efficiency and reliability. However, the exacting demands of power substation operations entail higher requirements for successful solutions. Power substations need powerful controllers with multiple serial ports for legacy device connectivity, and must also perform a multitude of front-end tasks, such as data acquisition, numerical computing, data distribution, and remote device monitoring and management. Moxa's Real Industrial Grade embedded computers provide head-to-toe embedded computing solutions for every level of the power substation.

System Requirements

Embedded computers with high performance x86-based CPUs to act as protocol gateways, and to perform front-end computing and data acquisition tasks 
A gateway that is capable of handling multiple devices with a variety of different protocols
Onsite protection against strong EMI/EMS
Multiple built-in Ethernet ports for network redundancy to ensure system non-stop operations
Quick system response

Moxa Solution

 Moxa's embedded computers provide a solution for all components of the bay-level substation. Moxa's DA-681 is an IEC 61850-3 certified x86-based rackmount embedded computer that acts as a protocol gateway. The DA-681 can reliably manage multiple devices running different protocols, such as IEDs, RTUs, and protection monitoring devices. Another x86-based embedded computer, the DA-682, is a front-end communication gateway that is able to perform protocol conversions, as well as front-end computing and data acquisition tasks.

At the substation layer, engineers and operators from the remote dispatch control center can retrieve data and monitor their systems with a telecontrol computer. Before implementing Moxa's solution, the substation control center had four different parallel systems—the protection management server, SCADA host, five-point prevention system, and a data logger server. By using Moxa's DA-710 x86-based embedded computer, all of the systems were integrated into one central management system. The DA-710 features a high performance CPU, and its 4 modular slots can handle multiple tasks. The DA-710 also functions as a substation back-end host to ensure availability for personnel at the remote dispatch control center.

Why Moxa

Dedicated and knowledgeable customer service
IEC 61850-3 certification (DA-681 model)
Modular embedded computers for maximum versatility
Products designed specifically for the different subsystem layers help maintain a stable and reliable system-wide solution
Moxa's x86-based embedded computers are equipped with high performance CPUs, offer various connection options, and are well-suited for data acquisition applications
Moxa's products are used in power automation applications worldwide
Moxa's embedded computers are compact, fanless, and stable, unlike commonly used IPCs, which are bulky, heavy, and rely on fans for cooling