Color Calibration

  Why do you need color calibration for ECDIS?

An Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a computer-based navigation information system that complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and can be used to replace paper nautical charts.

An ECDIS system displays electronic navigational charts (ENC) and
integrates position information from the global positioning system (GPS)
and other navigational sensors, such as radar and automatic identification systems (AIS).

To meet ECDIS requirements, all of the displays used in marine applications must comply with color calibration regulations. These requirements ensure that all the information shown on the displays is "correct" and are fully compliant with ECDIS standards for color definition, guaranteeing the safety of the marine applications.

ECDIS-type approved process

ECDIS-type approved displays with color calibration go through a complex and sophisticated process in order to meet the ECDIS requirements. In order to provide customers a library for color calibration, the display must pass several checkpoints, including collecting RGB maximal values, collecting luminance values for RGB 8-step, and using this data to convert CIE standard colors to RGB colors. All of these steps are part of generating a RGB file that users can apply to the panel computer to display accurate colors in marine applications. However, each step requires the attention of experienced engineers using sophisticated tools.

What distinguishes the color calibration
of Moxa displays?
Moxa's ECDIS-type approved displays have been thoroughly tested with the color calibration process, and include a reliable and fine-tuned color calibration library. Few suppliers in the current marine market can offer technology of a similar level, because to do so requires a high-level of engineering expertise and technological sophistication. With more than 24 year experience in networking automation, Moxa can provide displays which have been carefully tuned for precise color calibration and fulfill the exacting standards of ECDIS.  
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