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Design Thinking Enhances Customer Value

For years, Moxa has made innovation and quality the core of its company culture, adapting design thinking processes to build innovative industrial products that demonstrate clear value for the customer. Good design begins with observing the problems, obstacles, and shortcomings from the customer's viewpoint, then researching relevant technologies to brainstorm innovative approaches. The next step is to synthesize this knowledge and formally conceive all available solutions, so one can then build model prototypes that may be analyzed by both customer and designer. Finally, this entire process of analysis and research must be repeated, with ultimate success measured only by the customer's satisfaction with the final product.

Our Design Process


Understanding and Observing Customer Needs

    Moxa believes that providing tough, reliable, innovative solutions is the only way to satisfy our customers. We see every problem as one element of a greater system, and our customers are the only experts capable of explaining how everything should fit together. Only by listening to the end user can we provide optimized solutions that solve the specific needs of the industries we serve. With ever more companies requiring ever more sophisticated solutions, only innovations tailored by informed designers can give customers effective, efficient, and timely resolution.

Researching Approaches and Identifying Resources

    Moxa's extensive experience with industrial automation and materials gives our engineers a keen understanding of the technological history leading up to today's IA and IT convergence. Our knowledge of past approaches and current trends gives us an exceptional head start when brainstorming new solutions, while our investment in development infrastructure like temperature and wind chambers empowers us to hone those initial ideas into meaningful, practical results. Our labs routinely carry out test simulations to confirm our devices and designs perform as intended when in the field, allowing us to confidently assert the delivered product will meet specific, high-performance tolerances for extreme temperatures, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, vibration, or shock.  

Synthesizing Ideas into Innovation

    At Moxa, we encourage creativity and growth in our employees. Each year all of our product managers participate in our PM Academy, where they form teams that focus on specific skill sets that emphasize the various responsibilities of product management. These teams then meet over the course of several months to brainstorm and develop raw ideas into carefully researched case studies which are then presented to their peers. Similarly, our R&D Forum gives our research engineers an opportunity to build fluid teams that solve problems beyond the scope of the normal working day. Each of these tools imparts more than education and professional training; they are also important exercises in creativity, conduits for our design culture, and the base upon which Moxa's Innova Award is founded. We cultivate these traditions so that our engineers and product designers can translate your motivations into concrete strategies that can be quickly and effectively explored and developed.

Prototyping New Products with Innovative Ideas

    In Moxa, all products are produced within the purview of a carefully articulated new product development process. Every member of Moxa is familiar with the NPDP; it sets responsibilities, channels of communication, and methodology for every stage of the production process, from its earliest conceptual outset on to design, pre-production, testing, and after-sale service. Further, all of our product managers are trained to pursue inventive approaches from the earliest outset of the design process. These elements enable us to persistently seek out creative solutions while providing our customers design choices and hands-on feedback, so that the final product meets your expectations.

Process Iteration for Customer Satisfaction and Company Growth

    Although we do our best to get things right the first time around, Moxa is always willing to roll the process back to an earlier level, and re-work things from a new angle. Our engineers and product teams routinely re-examine all our products and actively seek customer feedback to better understand both our shortcomings and successes. In this way, Moxa can confidently promise our clients relevant innovations and effective solutions for the industrial automation / information technology convergence.