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Oil and Gas Solutions Overview

Maximizing Synergy between Industrial Automation
and Ethernet Networks for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas are still indispensible fuels for the global economy, and exploring for new sources of oil and gas remains a lucrative and attractive endeavor. New oil platforms, rigs, and pipelines are constantly being constructed to meet the demand for oil, with a corresponding growth in the number of factories and control centers used to process and manage crude oil. To maximize efficiency and safety, these systems are becoming more integrated, but unfortunately, the traditional SCADA systems used by the oil and gas industry are difficult to integrate because they are highly independent and have limited connectivity to other systems. This limitation will need to be overcome as oil facilities grow more complex, and safety and reliability grow ever more important. Moxa’s complete range of industrial networking, monitoring, and computing products are engineered for harsh mission-critical environments, and provide the reliability, flexibility, and safety needed to maintain and operate oil and gas facilities.

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