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  • IEC 61850 New Substations Performance

    IEC 61850 QoS

    Critical packet prioritization

    • Communication packets can be assigned different priorities, depending on their importance
    • Packet types: GOOSE, SMV, PTP
    • Packet priorities: high, medium, normal, low

    substation communication critical packet prioritization

    Substation Communication VLAN Technology

    Enabling efficient and reliable communication

    • Trunk traffic reduction
      Removing bottlenecks on the trunk links requires a careful analysis to correctly configure the bridges in the network. The traffic can be filtered or restricted to specific domains in the network by VLAN
    • Traffic filtering
      To segregate traffic flow throughout the network
    • Device performance improvement
      Reduce the number of messages that end devices need to process

    Substation Communication Time Synchronization Technology

    Enabling efficient and reliable communication

    Time Synchronization Protocol Typical Accuracy for Substations Meets IEC 61850 Station bus requirement (1 ms) Meets IEC 61850 Process bus requirement (1 μs)
    NTP/SNTP 1 to 10 ms v -
    IEEE 1588 V1 1 μs v v
    IEEE 1588 V2 1 μs v v

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